Once upon a time, I was a little girl who wanted to be an artist when she grew up.  I don’t finger paint or draw ponies anymore, but I do photograph people - each moment I spend as an artist dedicated to capturing the truth of the person in front of me is a moment that reaffirms my passion for this work. Each of my subjects is so unique, full of light and beauty and energy, and so worth celebrating. From the tiny humans, brimming with imagination and life, to their adult counterparts, who bring talent, wit, and enthusiasm to every one of my sets. They are the stars of this show.

And, if I'm completely honest, sometimes we finger paint... and sometimes there are ponies. My work is one of the greatest joys of my life. 

I have been published and featured in a variety of venues for my editorial work with children and adults, from fashion and beauty spreads to lifestyle and commercial work on both local and national levels. I also develop talent portfolios for agencies in the Florida market, creating headshots and comp cards for new talent and seasoned professionals alike.


  • Elena W.,
    Actor and Commercial Model

    Marliese Carmona has been one of the best photographers I have worked with. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and letting go, and with that comes the best pictures. My headshots were amazing, full of pop and fierceness. I signed with my Talent Agent not even three weeks after sending off my Marliese Carmona headshots. I have finally found my photographer!

  • Michelle I.,
    Mom to Gina and Lexi, Actors and Commercial Models

    In addition to being a phenomenal photographer, Marliese has a keen understanding of what the industry professionals are looking for. The portfolio pictures she took really got the agents attention. Her popularity means you have to book well in advance, but it's worth it. She knows what it's like to be in front of the camera and is able to guide the kids in such a way as to make it all fun. I was stunned by the beauty of the pictures and so very pleased with how the industry professionals responded. I cannot emphasize enough to other parents the importance of good photos in the entertainment industry. I would absolutely recommend booking headshot/portfolio sessions with Marliese and her team.

  • Wendy B.,
    Mom to Emma, Actor and Commercial Model

    Marliese is an absolute pleasure to work with! My daughter has had the opportunity to shoot with her several times now and the images are always amazing ! She is professional and exceptionally creative. The images I had done for my daughters agents have increased her bookings immensely and we have also used the images for my daughters pageants. Judges love them because they are exceptional quality and ours are natural and really show the true spirit of my daughter. Emma cannot wait for her next shoot with Marliese!

  • Miranda J.,
    Mom to Evelina, Actor and Commercial Model

    Marliese was great to work with. My daughter had a wonderful time shooting with her and still talks about Ms. Marliese weeks after our photoshoot. She chose the perfect locations to coordinate with the outfits we brought and was open to my ideas. All the photos turned out amazing and it was hard to narrow down my favorites. We will definitely be working with her again in the future.

  • April A.,
    Mom to Payton, Actor and Commercial Model

    My daughter and I have had the pleasure of working with Marliese for the past two years. On our first shoot with her we knew this was the photographer for us. Her patience with our daughter, who was still finding her way in this industry, was refreshing. She was patient, kind and gave her a few pointers that she can use for future bookings. My daughter felt relaxed, which led to photos that truly captured her personality. We have always said that Marliese makes magic happen in any circumstance. You will get colorful, vibrant photos that will stand out among the crowd. She appreciates her clients and goes out of her way to make sure they have the best experience possible and her quality of work speaks for itself. We recommend Marliese to all of our industry friends and are continuing to direct book jobs with the portfolio she has helped us build.

  • Robin B.,
    Mom to Jess, Actor and Commercial Model

    Marliese is not only a gifted photographer; she is also a truly nice person and she is extremely easy to work with. The headshots she has taken of my 11 year old daughter have resulted in several direct bookings. Her agents have been very happy with the natural look of the photos. We feel very blessed to have found Marliese.

  • Reem S.,
    Actor and Commercial Model

    Our pictures turned out great! Our agents and friends loved them! My family and I just started in the modeling industry a few months ago. We needed head shots and family pictures. Marliese was very helpful and worked with me until we found a time that works. I have three kids so that can be challenging. She was very nice and easy to work with during the shoot. That definitely helped make the kids comfortable and cooperative. A week later I got a direct booking for a major local grocery chain! I love Marliese and already booked another session with her for my daughter!!

  • Kimberlee T.,
    Mom to Alaina and Maralee, Actors and Commercial Models

    Let me start by saying that I can be tough to please. I'm also somewhat indecisive, so choosing wardrobe, hairstyles, or backgrounds isn't really my strength. I love that Marliese has a great sense of fashion, eye for color, and knowledge of what actually works. On top of that, she has a calm and warm personality and she's willing to use those gifts to assist, without making her clients feel like an imposition. I like that she schedules enough time to give herself and her clients the luxury of getting comfortable, and that she really gets something different and special from my kids. She understands the concept of customer service and works to make sure her clients are happy and satisfied with the outcome, asking for input during the session, but also offering her professional opinion where warranted (something many photographers are reluctant to do). Most of all, I feel that Marliese's work reaps RESULTS for her clients. I don't consider it a coincidence that my kids have booked more "book from photo" shoots in the last several months than they ever have. The photos are well balanced: in color and in composition, and yet they look like real kid, my kids.

  • Cyndi J.,
    Mom to Paityn, Courtney, Kylie, and Brett, Actors and Commercial Models

    Marliese Carmona is truly an amazing photographer! She has such a warm and fun personality that the kids instantly bonded with. Marliese was always willing to work with the crazy ideas we came up with, and in fact encouraged them. We have done everything from popcorn fights, out of control painting, melting ice cream, even catching back flips mid air! When we came out to Los Angeles, we had so many agents, casting directors, and industry professionals ask us who took our head shots as they loved them and said that they truly stood apart from the rest. A session with Marliese not only guarantees a day of fun, but it also guarantees photos you will cherish forever!

  • Eli L.,
    Actor and Commercial Model

     "My headshot has landed me a Disney billboard on I-4 and a national ad campaign for their new ride mine train, a Florida hospital/Tampa Bucs commercial, a rug doctor commercial, a children's toy infomercial, a car credit commercial, Home shopping network live on air demo modeling , a six week long acting role at universal studios Halloween horror nights, a significant digitized role on EA Sports NBA 2015 video game, and a bunch of stuff I can't remember lol. It's awesome!!! Thank you for helping me get back out there :-)"

  • Jonathan M.,
    The Viera Studio for the Performing Arts

    "Their pictures really are amazing. Ava and Claudia's moms were in tears. Carolyn and Bob were emotional too. All the parents have been posting the pictures on fb saying how perfect their pictures are."

  • Carrie M.,
    Mother to Parker

    "Beautiful work, today, Marliese Carmona! You were patient and kind under the worst weather conditions and with multiple surprises. So excited to see your shots! Thank you for all your hard work!"

  • Laura W.,
    Seasoned Actor

    "Marliese, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the chance to meet you and work with you.  You turned an ever-stressful event for me into a comfortable and easy-going session. "

  • -Brenda,
    Mother to Ashlyn

    "Dear Marliese, I don't even know where to start, I told Tracie that I really enjoyed spending the day with you girls, it was like being with four of my best friends. You guys are super, and you all made Ashlyn look like a million bucks. We just love you three and hope maybe would could get together again sometime. You have brought a sense of happiness out of her I haven't seen in a long time. Love you all! Thank you again!"