I know I have options in choosing a local photographer, are you the right choice for me?

I think the best testament to my work is seeing my clients go on to book work in the industry. My clients have gone on to sign with great agencies, as well as book jobs for HSN, Disney, Lowes, Disney Cruise Lines, Universal, Universal Orlando Resort, Belk, Publix, National Restaurant Association, Valencia College, and more. Several of my clients now live and work in the major markets of Miami, LA, New York, and Chicago.

I also consistently publish work in both local and national markets, and have commercial clients that continue to book with me season after season. 


I’d like to schedule my shoot sometime in the next month. When should I contact you?

As soon as possible! My schedule typically fills a month or more in advance. You can take a look at my current available appointments here:

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. Once we agree on a date and time that works for us both, a $50 deposit will be required to secure your appointment time. This deposit is payable through Paypal and is non-refundable. If you are ready to book your shoot, use the below form to connect to Paypal (will open in a new window).


You may use this form to complete your deposit

I'm thinking about hiring a hair and makeup artist and/or a stylist for my shoot, can you help?

Absolutely! I encourage the use of a full team whenever possible on my shoots, as I feel it positively impacts the quality of the final product. I am happy to provide referrals for professionals I trust to deliver an agency quality product.

To get in touch with my preferred artists, please follow the below links to their respective sites.

  • Argie Mitra – Wardrobe Stylist (Orlando)
  • Angela Campolongo – Wardrobe Stylist (Orlando)
  • Tracie Cervero – Hair and Makeup (Orlando)